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SoundGrabber available for iPhone and Android

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  • For the first time artists, labels and other curators can geo-localise music all over their city and share their memories in a new way.

    A new way to find new tracks, discover artists and meet people

    Trax Magazine supports SoundGrabber Imagine: on a sunny Sunday, your favorite artist announces that he has geo-localised an exclusive unreleased track that you can only listen to in a spot with an amazing view over Paris.
    Enough to give you a furious urge to go for a walk, no? Quote from Trax Magazine

    For the first time, artists, labels, and other curators can geo-localise music all over the world, that users will discover when they go near these places.

    They are already part of the adventure, join them!

    It's a brand-new immersive experience of music discovery.
    They're already part of the adventure, join them!!

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